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I'm boring and tired of many things in my life... Thanks for your music for cheer me up! I'm honest :).

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks! : D

Nice work! 8-bit drums sound almost like a real punk drumkit :D

PirateCrab responds:

Haha thanks dude! Just thought I'd throw something new into the mix :P

I very like the synth part. But it's good if the drum part can be heard more clearly and more punch. Good job! Also sr for my bad english... :)

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BuryYourFace responds:

I think I understand what you are saying. I'm used to making Metal. Trying to mix all this shit together = hard... But I think I'm doing something right since you gave me 4.5 stars >:) Lets do this!!!!!!!!

You need to volume up and tune up guitar track. I think your voice is good but this tune is too low for your voice. The verse part hear like you read, not sing... :). Sr for my bad english

Woa, i hope you teach me how to make bass sound like that! And mastering your song!


The intro like enter the sandman metallica but it's ok. it's not the real guitar right?


uhm, not bad... with new people. I think you need work with FL Studio, more realitic instrument than guitar pro


nice, i'm asian too, i don't understand this much but i Like it. It bump in my head :D... good work!

EmptyCell responds:

I'm not Asian, but really thanks :)


music is not bad, but your slayer tone guitar make me sick :(... i think you should use RealStrat vst or RealLPC. Need change gain effect for slayer like Amplifer metal...

Sr of my bad english, i will give you four!

rorychally responds:

That's a very fair point. It's not slayer per say but yeah it could be better. Thank you for the reveiw and the four :P

Not bad

I think you are not good at mixing... But i love anime so i love this song too :D.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I did 3 songs in 3 days, so I no doubt took a few shortcuts as far as mixing is concerned... and honestly, this one was the hardest to mix of them all in the first place due to how active it is throughout the song.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Making game musics is what i love for all my life, but i can't really live with it in my country. I just make music in my freetime while most of time learning something else to have better chance at job ( Anyway my english is horrible, i know ).


Ha Noi, Viet Nam


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